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Sitting in the library bar of Manhattan's Regency Hotel, Greek shipping billionaire George Economou throws back a salted nut before confronting the shareholder complaints that have been swirling around him. "Listen, guy," he says as if conducting a f
To increase sales Goodyear Tire & Rubber has cut capacity on its lower priced tires and is moving into more-expensive, higher-tech branded tires. And so far, at least, the plan is working. On Thursday the large
Investors renewed their love affair with the solar industry on Wednesday after First Solar posted impressive quarterly results that reflected improved manufacturing efficiency.
Homes in Tokyo and London have always been expensive, but the dollar's recent plunge has made these and other pricey markets particularly daunting for American expatriates, businesses and anyone unlucky enough to receive a sal
Business sentiment at large Japanese manufacturers has fallen to a four-year low, though the drop is not as steep as has been typical in previous recessions.
Innovation usually needs time to steep. Time to turn the idea into something tangible, time to get it to market, time for people to decide they accept it. Speech recognition technology has steeped for a long time
EVE LEVINE, a 34-year-old real estate broker, recalls fondly the five years when she was, as she calls it, “low-cost bicoastal.” Her primary residence was in Brooklyn — first Williamsburg, then Bushwick and now Greenpoint — b

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