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The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) will hold its first joint Executive Forum in Costa Rica, 9 April 2008, in partnership with BCD Travel in Costa Rica.
The European Commission has decided to open formal antitrust proceedings against Visa Europe Limited in relation to its multilateral interchange fees (MIF) for cross-border point of sale transaction
The UK was among Singapore’s top five visitor-generating markets in February, with 51,000 visitors, a 1% increase on 2007.
Singapore welcomed record growth in the number of visitors from Europe. In 2007, close to 1.3 million European visitors travelled to Singapore - a growth of 4.6 per cent over 2006.
Whether you're a Democrat, Republican or pondering a protest vote for an independent presidential candidate in November, what you do at the ballot box is meaningless -- at least as far as your travel is concerned.
To date, Red Hat has been one of the most financially successful Open Source vendors on Earth. The goal now though is to grow even more to hit a new financial milestone - $1 billion in revenue.
HP announced several moves designed to advance the long-running "adaptive enterprise" strategy it's been promoting to corporate clients. The company also announced it's reentered the eight-way server space, with a soon-to-be releas

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