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In another part of its 'Simplifying IT' strategy, Dell today announced the Dell Client Migration Solution, a program of services and software tools designed to make it faster and easier for an IT shop to move from one hardware or software platform to anoth
With Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) all but completely out the door, now rumors have begun flying as to when Windows XP SP3 will go final.
So how is Oracle doing with its Oracle Unbreakable Linux? Pretty well. According to Monica Kumar, senior director Linux and open source product marketing at Oracle, there are now 2,000 customers for Oracle's Linux. Those custome
To date, Red Hat has been one of the most financially successful Open Source vendors on Earth. The goal now though is to grow even more to hit a new financial milestone - $1 billion in revenue.
THE United States may have already entered a recession set off by the upheaval in the subprime mortgage market and sharp declines in house prices nationwide. For the rich, however, the mortgage crisis and housing slump have created opportunities to
UK rigid plastics packaging manufacturer Sharp Interpack has appointed Soluciones Agricolas to look after its distribution interests in Spain.
A 36-year-old with a master’s degree in industrial psychology, Mr. Margulies left a corporate career to become a sales representative for Guru energy drinks, a new company started by a bunch of old Canadian high school pals.

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