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The Olympic torch’s journey to the Beijing Olympics is threatening to turn from triumphal progress into marathon humiliation. Protesters are rushing like moths to the Olympic flame.
The Philippines, the world’s largest rice importer, is considering more than halving duties on rice imports in the hope of attracting private sector buyers and breaking a long-standing de facto state monopoly on imports.
Governments across the developing world are scrambling to boost farm imports and restrict exports in an attempt to forestall rising food prices and social unrest.

Japanese exports rose in February, with declining demand from the US more than offset by shipments to China, other emerging economies and to Europe.

Atlas Copco has inaugurated a new compressor manufacturing plant in Shanghai.
Rain washed away the happy faces of Smith International's shareholders this morning after the oil services company announced
Unfavourable exchange rates and price reductions in its older intimate apparel product lines impacted impact margins at Tefron, a leading maker of seamless intimate apparel.

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