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World's Most Expensive Rental Markets

That's what's happening in Hong Kong. There, in dollar-adjusted terms, a two-bedroom, unfurnished apartment runs $6,398 a month. By comparison, $4,000 a month for Moscow and $4,102 for Tokyo look cheap.

To find these and other such markets, we used data from Mercer Human Resource Consulting, which based its numbers on 2007 data for rental properties in the Class-A market. Though it means different things in different places, a Class-A designation roughly equates to a unit in high-end, unfurnished building in a good part of town. The measures are taken at the median level, so as to exclude the ridiculous costs of premium apartments in neighborhoods like London's Belgravia or on Central Park in New York.

In Depth: World's Most Expensive Rental Markets

Rents were adjusted from local currencies to dollars. In 2007, the dollar hit a record low against the euro after falling 11% in 2006. Against the pound, the dollar was at a 25-year low in 2007. Against both currencies, the greenback remains in

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