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World's Most Expensive Rental Markets
the doldrums.

Business Burden
American companies with offices in London feel an especially painful pinch. While rental prices there increased at a modest rate, when you combine subtle rate increases with the dollar's decline, you're left with a 30% jump in rent from 2006 to 2007. Given that Americans can't seem to afford 3%-6% increases in mortgage payments, many expatriates are going to have to move into slightly cheaper digs, or perhaps consider a move to Leeds.

But the mighty London market isn't even the fastest growing. Moscow rents have jumped by 33% when adjusted for the dollar. And in a market that's still relatively cheap, such as Bangalore, India, rents have increased 87% from last year. This is the result of the dollar's position against the Indian rupee and the rapid economic growth and sophistication of the Bangalore rental market, which, like the sales market, has surged along with the overall Indian economy.

This spells trouble for businesses dealing in dollars. That's because, unlike individual international

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