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World's Most Expensive Rental Markets
buyers who are snapping up properties in New York and Los Angeles based on the cheap exchange rate, businesses don't quickly shift countries of operation based on the home currency's purchasing power. Instead, they have to absorb inflated housing costs for executives and temporarily relocate employees.

Large, multinational companies feel the pinch less than small businesses, for whom anywhere from a few hundred to a thousand a month is a lot to fret over.

Since 2006, monthly rents in Hong Kong, as measured by Mercer, grew from 4,898 to $6,398. In Moscow, they rose $1,000, and in London they jumped about $900.

What's the rental market like where you live? Weigh in. Add your thoughts in the Reader Comments section below.

Of course, American companies that pay their overseas employees in local currencies are relatively immune. This is the case with Coca-Cola's (nyse: KO - news

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