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Curious George
games with their shareholders' money." For his part Economou says his 15-year friendship with Georgiopoulos is over. "Maybe it reflects how he feels about himself and not how he feels about me," Economou opines before swatting the thought away. "Peter doesn't have feelings; he is too self-centered."

Economou has also infuriated professional investors. "I believe he runs DryShips as if it's his own private company," says Steven Abernathy, who heads a New York hedge fund that recently dumped its DryShips holdings. "I am not going to be part of anything where a chief executive is self-dealing."

Abernathy's frustration stems from Economou's abrupt announcement late last year that DryShips had ventured out of the shipping sector and into oil drilling. With no prior notice Economou persuaded his board--five people including himself and Aristidis Ioannidis, general manager of Cardiff Marine--to spend $405 million for a 30% stake in Ocean Rig, a Norwegian firm that owns two deepwater drilling rigs. Economou, who also bought a 4% stake in Ocean Rig for himself, says he feels

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