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Curious George
in the global economic slowdown. Meantime DryShips borrowed $819 million, at 5.98% to 7.33% interest rates, to add ships. DryShips' net profit rose 749% to $177 million in the nine months ended Sept. 30.

A family business, this. Economou's two former wives own a total 15% of DryShips. Chryssoula Kandylidis, his sister, holds 30% of Cardiff Marine. With proceeds from its initial offering, DryShips bought six ships that had recently been picked up by Kandylidis. Five were sold at cost, but DryShips paid his sister a $3 million fee. Economou says she made very little money on the deal and bore great risk.

Kandylidis' son, Antonios Kandylidis, is also in this cozy network. The 30-year-old Antonios is the founder and largest shareholder in OceanFreight (nasdaq: OCNF - news - people ), which

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