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Get Ready Detroit--Here Comes China
), Ford and Chrysler--and indeed all major global car companies--to be producing in China for export in the next few years. For exports to the U.S. and other rich-nation markets, production in China likely will start at the low end of the price-quality scale, moving up over time. This was exactly what happened with Japan, Germany and Korea producing for the American market over the last 50 years.

America is the grand prize in the emerging Chinese export market drive. It represents the beginning of the end game in global manufacturing--production of vehicles by the lowest cost manufacturer in the world (China) for the biggest and most discriminating market in the world (the U.S.)--using processes and technology variously modeled after and "appropriated" from the West. What China will need is American links to get access to sales, distribution and service in America. When the U.S. Big Three become comfortable with the Chinese product, they will sign on, desperately needing a new price- and quality-competitive offering. Remember, all vehicles for

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