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Get Ready Detroit--Here Comes China
export will be foreign firm and Chinese joint venture products.

In China, quality considerations, crash-test results and emission standards have been domestic nonfactors. But they are crucial for the export markets. Safety and emission standards are in the receiving country's domain. China understands that they must measure up here or will be shut out, literally and figuratively, from the developed-world markets.

As we all know, Detroit continues to struggle mightily with losses year after year, labor costs that are prohibitive on a global scale, eroding market share and big-time job cuts. I see no end in sight to this process. What I do see is more announcements by Detroit's automakers of U.S.-China joint production ventures. They likely will entail production in China for the domestic market as well as production for a host of export markets--including the U.S.

With the U.S. in recession (at least I think so), the prospect of cars coming into the U.S. from China will be an eye-opener. I just can't imagine political Washington in this election year doing

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