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Microsoft to Share More Technical Secrets
site 30,000 pages of technical documentation detailing how its Windows desktop and Microsoft server programs communicate and share information. Until now, that information was only available under a trade secret license from Microsoft.

Microsoft announced specific steps and broad principles to make it easier for other software programs to connect with Microsoft products and share data, as well as commitments to increase its support for industry standards and work with open-source software developers.

Last October, after a nine-year confrontation and a ruling against the company by Europe’s second-highest court, Microsoft agreed to share information with rivals on terms it had long resisted. Then, after fresh complaints from Microsoft’s competitors, the European antitrust regulators last month announced that they were opening new investigations of Microsoft.

The new inquiry focuses partly on whether the company has withheld essential information from competitors that want to make products that work smoothly with Microsoft’s Office word processing and spreadsheet programs. The Office products were not part of the previous European action against Microsoft.

After the Microsoft announcement,

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