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Resist the Impulse to Panic Over Finances

A major investment bank has collapsed, and the Fed is cutting interest rates to stave off a recession that we may already be in. More and more people seem to be having trouble making their mortgage payments, and credit card delinquencies are up.

Short of putting our heads in the sand and hoping it all passes, what should we do with our own finances?

According to the experts, the best advice is to not panic.

Consumers who have managed to avoid the excesses of the last few years should sit fast, the experts say.

As for those who ran up credit card debt, exhausted their lines of credit or did not put away much in savings — in other words, acted as millions of other Americans did — they should use these unsettling times as an opportunity to review their finances.

But financial analysts warn that they should take time to consider their options. “Don’t do anything rash based on what you see in the news,” advises Greg

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