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Production at Imperial refinery expected t
internal system and look at what's the most effective way to upgrade, whereas other people didn't have that choice and they had to make those investments,'' said Hearn.

He said the low margins and high infrastructure costs have always made him weary of building brand new refineries in the Fort McMurray, Alta., area.

``I wouldn't want to start a new refinery in this environment from scratch. I think that's going to be for the brave.''

Earlier this month a shut down at Imperial's 187,000-barrel-a-day Strathcona refinery near Edmonton caused gasoline shortages at Esso stations throughout Western Canada.

But, one of the gasoline producing units that was brought down is working again and the other should be back up in a few days.

``By this time next week we should be back to normal operations,'' March said.

Meanwhile, March expressed confidence that Imperial's proposed Kearl oilsands project will go ahead, despite a federal judge's decision earlier this month to send its approval back to a
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