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Production at Imperial refinery expected t
review panel.

Lawyers for Ecojustice argued the project, which would eventually strip-mine 200 square kilometres of boreal forest, should never have been approved by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and that they want to see the development quashed altogether.

``We've got what we think is a very environmentally sound project. It was developed and approved by a joint review panel last year, fully compliant with all the regulations both provincial and federal,'' March said.

March also said he is optimistic the long-stymied Mackenzie Gas Project, whose cost has swelled to more than $16.2 billion from its previous estimate of $7.5 billion, will come to fruition eventually.

``We're anxious, our partners are anxious, the aboriginal groups involved are prepared and encouraged. So we're very hopeful that we can reach agreement with all the stakeholders involved and move forward some time in the future.''

While there has been talk of Imperial ceding control of the project to pipeline operator TransCanada Corp. (TSX:TRP) and the Aboriginal Pipeline
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