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Ineos wins new Russian PP licence success

Russia’s Sibur group has chosen the Ineos Innovene PP process for a new 200,000tpa polypropylene plant to be built at Tomsk, in south west Siberia.

The unit is expected to start up in 2012 and the sale of the licence, by Ineos Technologies, represents the 19th such success for the gas phase process. The process produces a full range of PP material from homopolymer to random and impact copolymers.

Sibur has already licensed a 500,000tpa Innovene PP plant from Ineos for its complex at Tobolsk. The group, controlled by Gazprom, is Russia’s leading petrochemical concern operating more than 30 plants and is active in a variety of polymers.

Mark Niederschulte, vice president commercial at Ineos Technologies, attributed the success of the process to low operating and capital costs, broad product capability and operational reliability.

He said: “In addition to its demonstrated commercial success, the Innovene process affords significant advantages for future expansions.”

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