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ACTE partners with BCD Travel in Costa Ric

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) will hold its first joint Executive Forum in Costa Rica, 9 April 2008, in partnership with BCD Travel in Costa Rica. The event will feature panels, presentations and roundtable discussions on proven travel management techniques, technological developments, and advanced travel management theory.

"ACTE has partnered with BCD Travel in Costa Rica to hold the first Central America education event in this country, marking another milestone in our 20 year history. With this event, we continue to reinforce our commitment to corporate growth and international economic expansion through education," Susan Gurley, ACTE Executive Director, said. "ACTE recognizes that the Latin American region contains abundant growth opportunities for the corporate travel industry, which we fully support and in which we will continue to play a vital and leading role," she added.

Barbara Blue, Division President for BCD Travel Latin America, emphasized that, "Central America has become a region of great importance for the corporate travel industry. The increase in

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