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European Travel Commission strengthens its

The Executive Director of the European Travel Commission (ETC), Rob Franklin OBE, announced in Brussels the appointment of Nick Hall as the new ETC Web Administrator to support Karine Bruere, the ETC Online Marketing Manager of the prestigious European tourism portal visiteurope.com.

Financed under the European Commission’s IDA Programme, this web portal for Europe has been providing a unique access point to all national tourism information websites and makes available multiple cross- country travel information. Its aim continues to be to create a major online resource featuring Europe as the most attractive destination for visitors from overseas and Europe alike, and offering access to vast information content.  The European Commission transferred management and operation of the portal to ETC in March 2006, at which point ETC also became responsible for its future financial sustainability.

Karine Bruere, Online Marketing Manager for the portal, explained: “We have many ideas to take the website to a new level. Nick’s appointment will help us strengthen our presentation of

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