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Tiny hairs could explain apple storage iss
The Fuji apple was bred in Japan, and is a cross between two American varieties - Ralls Janet and Red Delicious. They are appreciated for their crisp texture, sweet flavour, and keeping qualities.

However late-harvested apples have a tendency to turn brown on the inside. Dr Mary Parker of the Institute of Food Research in the UK believes this may be due to the hairs she identified - dubbed 'callus' hairs - and says the discovery could enable apple breeders to develop varieties with less hairs.

Moreover, she said that testing for the presence or absence of callus hairs could help identify food fraud, where dried apples are labelled as Fuji but may, in fact, be some other variety.

Finally, while initial investigations have shown the callus hairs to be rich in phytonutrients, they could also contain allergens. Finding ways to control callus hair growth could, therefore, in reducing the risk of allergic reactions.

For her study, published in the
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