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Calm crucial for energy products
Energy drinks are a runaway success but extreme marketing and product formulation has the potential to cast a shadow over the multi-billion dollar global industry. In the clamour to attract attention in a market dominated by pioneer Red Bull and a handful of other brands, products are being launched with health implications that are raising eyebrows among consumer action groups not to mention regulators and health-oriented non-government organisations.

New energy forms

The energy sector has expanded beyond beverages into youth-friendly categories like candy bars and chocolate, leading some to question whether such products should be freely available to young people.

'Crack' (candy) and 'Cocaine' (beverage) are just two examples of products taking the promise of consuming foods and beverages for an energy jolt to a degree that has drawn regulator interest and indeed, intervention.

Cocaine was pulled up by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last year, not for its caffeine content (equivalent of 3.5 cups of
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