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Report: Samsung chief to face questions
Special prosecutors investigating alleged corruption at Samsung Group said Friday they plan to summon the conglomerate's powerful chief for questioning, according to a news report.

Yonhap news agency quoted Yun Jung-sok, deputy to independent counsel Cho Joon-woong, as saying Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee would be summoned. Yun did not offer a timeframe.

The special prosecutor's office said it could not immediately confirm the report.

Parliament and South Korea's former president approved the special probe in January and investigators have until late next month to wrap up their work.

Investigators have raided Samsung offices and questioned key officials. Vice Chairman Lee Hak-soo has been called in repeatedly.

The investigation was spurred by allegations raised last year by Kim Yong-chul, a former Samsung legal affairs official. He claimed the conglomerate created a 200 billion won (US$205 million, euro130 million) slush fund to bribe government officials, judges and prosecutors.

Samsung has denied the allegations, which include claims that the slush fund was also used by Chairman Lee's family to purchase expensive works of

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