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Taking The Measure of YouTube

Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) YouTube has announced a new analytics tool that will enable publishers and advertisers to track viewership on the popular video-sharing site.

Freely available to anyone with a YouTube account, the Insight feature offers detailed information about who is watching their videos, such as statistics on viewers by geographic region.

Insight builds on the rudimentary tracking tools YouTube had previously offered users, such as comments, viewer ratings and the popularity of a clip relative to all other content on the site. But with the new offering, the runaway leader in online video has taken a great leap forward in becoming an engine for ad revenue.

"Insight gives the creators an inside look into the viewing trends of their videos on YouTube, and helps them to increase views and become more popular," YouTube product manager Tracy Chan wrote in Google's company blog.


YouTube partners will be able to track the lifespan of their videos, comparing the popularity of their own content with similar offerings over a certain period of

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