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Dell Adds Vista Migration Assistance to Th

In another part of its 'Simplifying IT' strategy, Dell today announced the Dell Client Migration Solution, a program of services and software tools designed to make it faster and easier for an IT shop to move from one hardware or software platform to another.

While SMB (define) has gotten a lot of attention lately, this service isn't for them. It's designed for companies with 2,500 systems or more. It's designed to help the bigger companies and organizations deal with the deployment of new hardware and/or migrate from Windows XP to Windows Vista.

Vista migration is not an easy task, and not just because of all the knocks it has taken recently. Because of its finer grain security system, a lot of habits people learned starting with Windows 95 right up to Windows XP have to be broken, whether that's user habits or applications expecting Administrator access.

"We asked for a more secure desktop and more discrete ways to lock it down, but with that, the sins of the past have

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