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PC Growth Projected, Just Not as Much
sees growth from 2007, but said the 11 percent forecast could fall to around 9.5 percent if a recession occurs.

While the outlook is bright for PCs, the shadow of a possible economic slowdown hangs on the PC market. Although he doesn't see the PC market as "recession-proof," it won't take a big fall. "10.9 percent growth by historical standards is still pretty good for the market," Shiffler said.

"A deeper and more extended global slowdown emanating from the U.S. and China would slow PC unit growth even more by sapping mobile PC demand, slowing emerging-market growth, and delaying replacement activity," he added.

According to Shiffler, PC demand from governments, businesses, and schools were a big contributor to PC growth.

A year ago, Gartner reported that the U.S. had fallen to third in the world behind Europe/Middle East/Asia and Asia/Pacific ahead of the United States.

Shiffler said replacements of PCs, particularly in businesses, could take a hit

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