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AMD Launches Triple- And Quad-Core Desktop

After months of missteps and delays related to its quad-core Barcelona chip for servers, AMD today showed it can still deliver with the announcement of triple-core Phenom processors, high-end quad-core Phenoms and a low power quad-core processor.

The triple-core processor is meant to offer a more affordable option to customers seeking a middle ground of pricing between the dual-core Athlon and quad-core Phenom. AMD (NYSE: AMD) claims that the dual core processors offer a 30 percent improvement in multithreaded applications over the dual core chip.

The triple-core family will carry the X3 8x00 product name, and the first two are the 8400 (2.1Ghz) and 8600 (2.3Ghz). Triple-core based systems are expected from computer makers by the end of the month. AMD expects the triple-core chips to run from $150 and up, while quad core chips are $209 and up.

"We're aiming for that sweet spot of the mid- to high-end mainstream part of the market where there is a great amount of value and a large amount of potential unit

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