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HP Touts More Efficient Datacenter Strateg

HP announced several moves designed to advance the long-running "adaptive enterprise" strategy it's been promoting to corporate clients. The company also announced it's reentered the eight-way server space, with a soon-to-be released ProLiant based on AMD's quad-core Opteron.

This week's announcements are part of the computer giant's strategy to capitalize on the growth in consolidation and virtualization by becoming a one-stop shop for companies that need to streamline datacenter operations, improve energy efficiency or overcome limited physical real estate for computer operations.

HP (NYSE: HPQ) has been a testing ground for consolidation itself; the computer giant is embarked on multi-year project to reduce its array of 85 datacenters worldwide down to six located in three U.S. cities (Atlanta, Houston and Austin, Texas).

Last month, HP completed its acquisition of EYP Mission Critical Facilities announced in November. The New York-based consulting company specializes in strategic technology planning, design and operations support for large-scale data centers.


With EYP on board, part of HP's news today was that it

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