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Intel Clarifies The Road Ahead
Intel on Monday gave further details on some of its forthcoming processors in advance of the spring Intel Developer Forum (IDF) conference, to be held in Shanghai, China, in early April.

First up, the company discussed Dunnington, the six-core processor that will be the last major processor release before Intel's newer architecture, Nehalem, is released. Dunnington is for multiprocessor servers, meaning four or more processors, and will be socket compatible with Caneland, the MP server processor it released last year.

"Dunnington is designed to enhance the Caneland platform while being constrained by an exact match into that platform," said Steve Smith, vice president and director of the digital enterprise group at Intel (NASDAQ: INTC). "The most likely scenario for it is where an IT manager qualifies the platform and knows their upgrade path into the future and that they get a boost when we ship the chip."

Intel's biggest effort is Nehalem, the new product line that marks the end of the frontside bus and external memory controller, as it

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