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Muslim reaction to Dutch film is muted

The imam at Friday prayers in Amsterdam’s El Tawheed mosque spoke of “enemies of Islam”, but in spite of that clear nod to Geert Wilders, the Dutch anti-immigration politician, and his film, the mood was decidedly relaxed.

“Wilders is laughable, he just wants attention,” said Mohamed, a Moroccan welder among the 300 worshippers at the mosque listening to a sermon urging Dutch Muslims not to play into the hands of those who insult their religion by breaking the law.

Mr Wilders’ 16-minute film Fitna, the Arabic word for strife, was posted on the internet on Thursday after months of speculation as to just how outrageous the ­stridently anti-Islamic MP’s project would be.

In the event, it consisted of footage of terrorist attacks in New York, Madrid and London and other material juxtaposed with verses from the Koran. One of the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that provoked violent protests in Islamic countries two years ago was included, without its author’s consent.

Across the Arab world, reaction to the film was muted

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