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Gold Membership

The services you will have with Gold Membership;

1-Boundless product entry,
2-Introduction with video,
3-Photoshop support for the products (for 20 products)
4-Turkish Language support (for 20 products)
5-Taking offers and send offers to kobi21.com members
6-The opportunity of reaching the communication knowlegde of offers
7-The opportunity to be publicated in main page in rows
8-The index definition (example;www.kobi21.com/yourfirmname/)
9-To definite different products for sale and pruchase
10- %30 Gold membership reduction in the block advertisement spaces publicated in the category pages

You must be free member at first,to be Gold Member.After that you can pass to Gold Membership by following the directives.

Payment for Gold Membership  for a year; $ 250

Click Here To Be Member

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