About us


Ozan Yücer

Founder of Kobi21.com

About Us / History

Kobi21.com was established in 2005 and started broadcasting in 2006. It adopted the b2b model in its establishment. Kobi21.com's mission has always been to make foreign trade to companies. Specifically for investors who want to enter a dynamic market such as Turkey gave support to manufacturers.Kobi21.com has made significant contributions to the opening of Turkish products to foreign markets.

  It has been a mediator for thousands of connections, especially for the African and European markets. Until 2018, all these connections were made with the b2b business model.

 After 2018, kobi21.com has entered a complete renewal process and has withdrawn all of its data from the broadcast and has provided advantages to new companies that have not worked with kobi21.com until now. After 2018, it added the B2c business model in addition to the B2b business model. After the articulation of the B2C business model, Kobi21.com began to provide retail, supply, and collection services to 220 countries outside Turkey.

  We expect companies from all over the world to our trading platform.